Burnt Offerings

Session 6

Anna Kornakova

Seesion 6

Coming down the bottom of the stairs, we see a room poorly lit, with pallets covering what seems to be holes. Our dumb luck, of course we stir up whatever was in there. Quick as they could, undead creatures climb their way up from the depths. And then we see in the back of the room, a rather large foul looking undead thing. Kourava, er somethin’. So foul the lads wanted to call it something pleasant. Alas, Anna it was named. I was holding point at the bottom of the stairs, and the rest o’ us lined up based on range. Being that the stairwell was so narrow, didn’t leave much room, I stepped just outside only to be flanked by to zombies if you will. One grabs me arm, another takes a swing. Even with one arm tied behind me back, the bugger couldn’t hit. Just then I hear an arrow whiz past my ear as it find its mark in Anna. She wails an undead moan, but seems no worse for wear on her undead self. I turn and see token making a explosion type gesture with his release hand, and yell “boom!” Must be a drow thing. Just after the arrow, I hear a little song and see Nos teleport to the grabbing zombie’s backside, via some spell cast by our bard, only to miss horribly. Just then I see the mighty shrew leap over me, and as soon as he lands his magic sword finds its mark and breaks me free. Followed by Nos who cast a shroud on Anna, and sank a bolt into a nearby zombie. Im not good with magic, so I don’t know what the shire folk cast, but it went at a speed only a spell could, and finds its mark on Anna, whose faces goes from hungry to livid. Eyes wide and pissed like that girl’s father when token tried to bed her. Anna comes barreling at Shrew, lets loose a vicious roar and swings down upon shrew with something that would surely leave him bloodied. But my dumb arse hooks me shield around shrew and launches him behind me as I come forward to take the blow, but I swung back on the counter and hit him more than half of what me got me.. I grunt at the pain, just as arrows miss Anna, but a chaos bolt connects making the creature stumble a bit and stand up. Like a shadow, Nos steps behind Anna a couple squares, and makes a shadow noose and yanks the beast into a pit. We hear a groan, but the rest of us turn out attentions to the immediate threats. The other zombies. Thwack, right between the eyes, Boosh goes the spells, crack went the hammer, and thwick went the sword as we all were finding our marks on the remaining zombies. Nos being single minded with a glare on his brow, peered over the pit, and sees the prone, hurt Anna groaning on her side. He cheesily utters, “smile, you sonna of a bitch.” As he fires a bolt deep into its head and activates a mass of other effects. Too many to count really, and the creatures head pops off just as it explodes midair. No fibbing. Grotesque and awesome all at once.
He looks up only to see the rest of us covered in rotting flesh and clotted blood from all the splatter. We check each other for bites, and realizing we’re all good thanks in good part to armor, we search Anna and for some reason she had a KI focus about the dark arts that Nos practices. As gleeful as I’ve ever seen that shade, he picks it up and wraps the scarf around his neck in a Im better than you type manner. Even though he never acts, or says it. We know, if he had a mirror, he would never get anything else done. HA! Im jus teas’n me friend.
To the south we see a door, which Token takes point followed by Nos as the rest of us let them sneak about. They come upon a stairwell going down and another door further south. We opt for the door, after listening Nos hears crackling. Venturing on safety I take point, open it only to start being lifted as though weightless. Looking up we see a wine bottle, book, and a dead raven. Just as the walls flash runes as the energy doing it pulsates together and apart to make them, moving along the wall in this sphere shaped room as it goes. After some careful analysis by the team token grabbed the book and left the rest. We decided to leave the room as the pulsing was gradually increasing and none of the crew could read the runes or figure out what they mean. The book also had the same runes and the same seven pointed star that the statue Token peed on had on its stone book. So.. It’s probably integral to whatever we’re facing. We leave the room, go to the stairwell and discover that it was collapsed. We faintly hear a howl, or did we… Looking down we find something I really liked. An avalanche craghammer. Must be what caused the cave in. Having cleared the caverns, we make our way back through the system to town. Nos hearing the howl, decides to fill us in on the reoccurring the dream he’s having. The one with a huge goblin/wolf type creature pacing in a room that it can’t escape. Just as a portal opens and one human hand, and one rotting one reach through to the creature. Than the wolf thing turns and looks directly at Nos in his dream and smiles.
We make it back to town and decide to get rid of some excess gear, and pick up some armor for Nos. We let our smooth talking bard to the talking. Which surprises me cause here the town is getting invaded by goblins and here is a similar one negotiating with the town. He must be good…


Best right up …ever.
Now…where was that mirror.

Session 6
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