Burnt Offerings

Session 1

After five long years of worshipping wherever there was space, the new cathedral to Desna has finally been completed! The dedication will coincide with the yearly Swallowtail festival in a few days. The dedication will be a joyous occasion which should help people forget the Late Unpleasantness.

The day of the festival arrives. The day is enjoyable for all as the welcoming speeches are all brief and to the point. Vendors display their wares as performers entertain and local tavern owners feed the crowd (Ameiko Kaijitsu, owner of the Rusty Dragon is the local favorite). As the sun begins to set, Father Zantus uses a thunder stone to get everyone’s attention. Unfortunately, a tribe of local goblins take that as a signal to attack. Loudly chanting a Goblin Song.

The first wave of goblins were quickly dispatched as the heroes began to learn to work together. Then they were quickly assailed by another group of goblins, but this group was cleared out as quickly as the first. After a short breather the group had to deal with their hardest challenge yet. They are confronted by a large group of goblins along with a pair of Goblin Hexers, who gave the group quite a challenge. The biggest challenge of this last confrontation however was the group trying to save (sometimes from himself) Aldern Foxglove who, while bravely trying to help the heroes, proved that his sword fighting skills left something to be desired.

Once the last of the goblins were defeated Aldern thanked the heroes profusely for their assistance in saving his life. He heaped large amounts of compliments on to Nos, complimenting his extensively on his fighting prowess and asking repeatedly to be taught how to fight like Nos. He then invited the group to meet his at the Rusty Dragon when they found time.

Next the group checked the town to see if there were any citizens that they could offer any aid to. After helping numerous people with minor injuries it became clear that while the goblins attack was surprising and ferocious, there were not many people seriously injured. The groups’ next stop was to visit the graveyard next to the church. There they found Naffer Vosk, leaning on a shovel over an open grave, his eyes wet with tears. Through their conversation the group learned that the body of Father Tobyn had been dug up and taken during the goblin attack. They also learned that Father Tobyn had died during the Sandpoint Fire and that his adopted daughter had also perished during that fire. Her ashes were buried next to his body since her body couldn’t be found after the fire.

Vosk also gave the tragic story of Chopper, thus giving the group the full measure of Late Unpleasantness the town had gone through. Although the group first feared that either Father Tobyn could have raised from the dead or that he himself could have been a necromancer, these fears were quickly put to rest and it was clear that the body had been dug up and taken. The group also decided to investigate Chopper’s Island, wondering if the killer could have had something to do with what had transpired. When they arrived all they found was a burned down house and caved in caverns. Chopper’s Alley was also investigated but that showed them nothing new either.

The group decided to stop by the Sandpoint Barracks, hoping to be able to gather some information from the captured goblins. They were able to question the goblins in the jail and figured out that there were many different Goblin Tribes represented and that their leader was “One of you long shanks.” The group then split up to purchase necessary items before returning to the Rusty Dragon to meet with Aldern.

Aldren was delighted to see the group again and bought them a large meal and drinks to go with it. He again praised Nos on his valiant combat skills and went on and on about how he wished he could learn to fight like that. He informed the group that he hailed from the city of Magnimar, where his father was an important noble. He also made a pass at Ameiko Kaijitsu the owner of the Rusty Dragon, and was greeted with a drink poured over his head. Aldern informed the group that he would be leaving to return to Magnimar in the morning, but offered to pay for their rooms as long as they would be in Sandpoint.

The group left the Rusty Dragon and was greeted by the stern face of Sheriff Belor Hemlock who asked them to accompany him to the town hall for an important talk. Once in the town hall the group stood in from of the Sheriff, Mayor Kendra Deverin and Shalu Andosana, a long time friend of Thoradin. The Sheriff started by thanking the group for their bravery in the goblin attack, he then yielded the floor to Shalu. Shalu informed the group that the local Goblin Tribes had begun to work together and seemed to have big plans, and that big plans required big bosses. She was worried that someone has allied the clans together, something that was never good. She informed the group that she was going to sniff around Shank’s Wood, Devil’s Platter, and some other places that the goblins usually lived in to see if she could get an idea of what was going on.

The sheriff told the group he was going to head to Magnimar to request additional soldiers to help keep the town secure against any future attacks. He asked the group to keep their presence known around town to keep the citizens spirits up and to help keep them from worrying with their Sheriff gone for a time.

Walking around town Shayliss, the daughter of Ven Vider owner of the town’s general store, stopped the group and complained of rats in the basement of her shop. She asked Token to accompany her down to the basement to take care of the problem alone. After the group tries to talk her down from her insistence, Token agrees to accompany her to the basement and is almost immediately caught in a compromising situation by Shayliss’ father. Ven throws Token out, warning him to never show his face in the General Store again.

The group then went back to the Rusty Dragon to get a night’s rest after the excitement of the day. When they were leaving in the morning they were approached by Bethana Corwin, she explains that she is one of the employees at the Rusty Dragon and she is worried about Ameiko Kaijitsu. Ameiko had not started breakfast when Bethana arrived this morning and that had never happened. After investigating Ameiko’s room and finding the bed not slept in Bethana found a note crumpled beside her bed. The note from Ameiko’s brother Tusto asked Ameiko to meet him at the Glasswork’s (their fathers company) and that he had something important to discuss with her.

Bethana explained that Tusto was half-elf, and since neither of Ameiko’s parents were elf he was something of a scandal when he was born. His parents sent him to an academy to be raised away from the family but he was still visited by Ameiko in secret. Six years ago their mother died after falling off a cliff, Tsuto claimed his father had killed him mother and at the funeral they exchanged heated words and Tsuto’s father struck him with his cane. Tsuto disappeared after that and Ameiko hasn’t seen him since. Bethana is extremely worried about Ameiko, she doesn’t trust Tsuto and worries that Ameiko is in danger. She begs the group to go to the Glassworks and find Ameiko before something terrible happens.


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