Burnt Offerings

Session 4

“By Moradin’s Beard, FLAMING SKULLS”, shouted the Dwarf raising his shield in a battle ready stance. Frodo, our master of the arcane arts shouted “Don, hurry we’ve got trouble!” and then let loose a bolt of pure energy from his stubby hobbit finger. The bolt went wild shooting below the flaming skull as it floated higher into the room with its black eyes starting at us casting its magic toward the heroic dwarf.

I could hear the heavy steps of our cleric running down the hall but I was not sure if he would make it in time. Our archer let loose a series of shots. So powerful was his bow that it was actually cracking the unholy floating skull. With a twist of my left hand I summed the darkness and called for it to do my bidding. Already the shadows being created by the flaming skulls were telling me of where the weak spots in the skull were. How ironic that a creature of fire casting shadows was causing its demise.

Before I could strike Frodo yelled “I sense wild magic being summoned prepare yourselves!” With that a giant fireball emerged from a skulls mouth and made its way towards us. Token with the grace of a cat leaped backwards while firing an arrow. Frodo flattened himself to the ground and drew his cloak over him. I shoulder blocked into thoradin and miraculously no one has hit. Banging his weapon against his shield Thoradin yelled that’s it and crushed a floating skull with his shield pinning it to the wall. Putting his weight behind the shield he smiled as he heard bone crack and the unholy fire dissipate behind it. Frodo let loose another bolt of energy as Token pinned the second skull to the wall.

Recovering from my acrobatic escape of the fireball I once again called upon the shadow to summon a second wave of shadows to do my bidding. With a wink to my hobbit friend I stepped into his shadow that he was casting on the ground and disappeared before him. “I hate it when he does that”, said Frodo. Emerging from behind the skull’s shadow silently I drove my dagger into a preexisting crack in the base of the skull splitting the evil construct in two!

Rushing into the room right after was Don…hammer raised up high ready to smite. “Welcome to the party” said Token taking his arrow out of a dead flaming skull’s eye socket. With a quick search of the room by our hobbit a burned body was found in a small little pool. “You won’t be needing this”, said Frodo as he lined his pocket with gold.

After carefully searching our surrounds we made sure no one was following us. I learned something though….even though a door looks to be solid you can never trust it. On one encounter with such said door I leaned into it to open it only to have the damn thing fall off its hinges with a clunk….lady luck is a real B@!#$.

With a quick huddle Token and I decided we were best suited to go ahead and scout. We were still trying to stop some ritual from happening, but didn’t know where to look. Using a two by two cover formation we made our way down a hallway to discover an alter.
Token took point as I made my way back to bring the rest of the group with us. Behind the alter Don walked non-blinking. “Look at this”, he said and he raised a suit of armor above his head. Everyone nodded and told him to put it on.

There was one door left to open in this section of the antechamber. Using years of training I opened the door a crack using my previous screw-up as a reminder of how carful I need to be. Inside the room I could see a giant pool lined with skulls and a golden triangular alter with a huge wall behind it with strange writing.

“This looks promising” I said with a turn to the group…”steel yourselves were going in” Don moved past me with Token and said “No good can come from this room…I will lead”. Not arguing with the Drow I let him in first. We were surprised to find a half-daemon/Elf women who in return was surprised to see us. She screamed something to the effect of “We were not supposed to be here or we were too early” “Early for what?” I wondered. With two quick cuts she started to summon to daemon spawns. These monsters were 7 feet tall and snarling with animalistic rage.

Token as fast as the wind raised his bow and said “The elf must die!” and fired an arrow taking off an ear from the evil creature. I as well summoned the darkness around the elf and had black flames dancing around her. Token turned and dropped a globe of darkness around us. Frodo screamed “ Cover your ears!” and let loose a thunderous wave of sound that slammed a hell spawn back into the stairs.

Don raising his hammer in the air screamed to his god and let loose a wave of holy magic that would protect us. How wonderful is this holy roller I thought. He can smash and heal….what was it like to bring peace and comfort I thought. But my mind quickly went back to the fight at hand as I was engulfed with a magic attack that shook me to my bones. If it wasn’t for Don’s protective magic I surly would have been in trouble.

Frodo let loose another chaos bolt that bounced around the room wildly finding its mark with every turn. ”Take that”, said the fiery hobbit.

Thoradin brought a daemon spawn to a stop by taking out its legs and then crushing in its skull. “Press the attack, the witch has shown herself again”, screamed the dwarf.

However the floating elf soon summoned two more daemon spawns with grew to full size and made their way towards us.

Don spun to his right and once again and called upon his god to heal Thoradin from his encounter the spawn. “Fight on friend!” he yelled as he blocked a claw with his hammer.

Without leaving my globe of darkness I stretched out my right hand’s palm and called upon the shadowfell once more to conjure streaking black darts towards my foe. Two of them bounced off its thick hide, but one ripped into the monsters neck. Thoradin and Don not missing an opportunity both pressed the attack on the creature weakening it further.

Token reaching for another arrow and slipped on the blood being released from the monsters neck and fell over…but even while falling backwards and in midair he fired an arrow finding his mark and then falling on his back with a thump! (FAILED AT FAILING).

With one daemon spawn left Don raised his hammer and said a prayer to his god and drove the weapon down on the creature back…breaking it. Seeing an opportunity to end this fight Thoradin leaped into the pool to get to the elf-daemon. As soon as he made contact with the pool he howled in pain and frost started to creep up his leg. “ST st stay ouuuuut of the p p pool, cold” he stammered while bashing into the elf.

Frodo once again drove another bolt of energy into evil elf as I put my final shroud on her. It was time to end this battle. I summoned a tool from my past that has never failed me… my executioners Noose. With the shrouds forming a noose around her neck It took one pull for the battle to be over.

After releasing my shadows back to the shadowfell I spun around the room to make sure my battlebrothers were safe. The hobbit was already smiling as he turned a crown around in his fingers. Thoradin was busy rubbing his legs to get feeling back in them and token was wiping blood off of his boots.

Don walked up to the glowing orange wall with the color draining from his face and turned to face us
“We should not be here..”


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