Burnt Offerings

Session 5

We just finished the toughest fight we had yet… We’re feeling the effects of battling several different times, ‘till we finished in the altar room with the elf daemon. I was so tired I could barely keep me eyes up. Still had the chill from that damn water. Don vocalized the darkness we all still felt and made his way toward the wall. He brought up a dark vision he’d had and a were goblin ‘er something of that ilk. He said it wasn’t crystal clear and at the time only was recalling it in fragments. Maybe more will come back once he gets some proper sleep in a proper bed. My friends Nos, Don, Frodo and Token investigated the wall. Each with something to contribute. When they asked what I thought about it I offered to hit it with my craghammer. To which everyone except Token said “No!”

Suit yourselves.. and went off to open some closets. Meanwhile Don said a prayer, it got dimmer. Nos stole away a couple of secrets and it got darker. Frodo used his arcane knowledge to dispell it further. Token spoke to it with his drow voice and sensed a weakness for his drow touch as well. I think he calls it his black elfness. And the light melted away some more. Nos managed to dispell it totally I beleive, by feeling up some of the runes. Magic touch, eh?

With the wall dispelled, we piled up the sinspawn against the door and managed to sleep somehow. Not being ideal, but we were exhausted. We left the altar, back down the hall Don,Frodo, and I went toward the statue, Nos and The drow went to what we thought was a skull pit. When they got there they found that it was rubble and a secret path leading north/Northeast. Don’t ask, I’m a dwarf, I know… They also found a hobbit sized robe that was totally wizard. To which they gave to Frodo and we all watched him change right there. Har, ha! I kid too much me thinks. Seriously, Nos peeked though.

Back to it. Once changed, Don was eager to check-out the noises he heard earlier behind the door. Nos brought up checking it out? Using the skills he and token have thrice successfully demonstrated. Don and I weren’t having it, both feeling good and itching for a fight. the door opened and two sin spawn. Don hammer held high, battle cry, into the frey. My kind of ‘uman. Nos next through the door, shooting a shadow noose around a spawn by however he does it. Amazing. I butt up behind Don. Token fires an arrow, than outta nowhere two more spawn and three giant scorpions. Don gets flanked by one scorpion, starts taking damage. An he’s tough, but he ain’t got himself a sheild to protect those giant muscles. He takes a couple o strikes and just before he takes a whollop from the back I hook him and slide him back just in time to take the hit. But now I’m in the frey and need the support of my friends. There was some kind of fel spirit in the room, cause for a time I was the only one who could hit anything. Nos could shroud and noose, but it didnt hit like it normally does. Nos yelled, I think were all a exhausted, stay focused keep pressing! right then, I got picked up by a scorpid. Off my feet, helpless and poisoned. Don came threw for me once again. Using a holy power he struck hard, and the beast weakened. Thoradin, using everything you have and get out. I snap out of my haze, land on my feet and land a blow. Token sank an arrow shaft deep and chuckles to himself.

Frodo mutters a spell none of is had heard before. Something new, or maybe he just remembered it. But all the sudden every for surrounding men shreeks (spl?) And a spawn drops, and the scorpion hissed as his armor cracked leaving a soft spot Don and I took advantage of. Nos goes back to shrouding bus spawn foe and token arrows hit but not centering. Hits the shoulder, the leg. Again something odd here. Dark places with dark secrets I think. Frodo started saying his words to start a spell, and a moth flew down his throat and he stopped at “khar-vae-vu(gaahhh)….” But his spell flew off elsewhere not harming him or us this time. With the rest of the enemies vanquished, we made short work of the last scorpion. I wonder though… We’ve faced four poison creatures. I wonder if we could take those scorpion stingers and venom sacs, ‘n save them for token arrows? I know they took me out o the game for a time. So we enter the room fully to see its a cavernous prison. Token says its symbolic of every relationship he’s ever had with drow women, gaping emptiness, lots o cells… You get it, which lightened everyone’s mood. We can all see why he fumbled with words and did nor the right or wrong thing with the shopkeepers daughter in the town. Heh, heh, ah well.

So we span out across the room and I spied with my low light vision eyes something I’ve been wishing for since I seen it on Garnord Ironbeard back in Janderhoff. Whiteflame full plate armor.. it fit me just right and adjusted it where I had too. Moradins hammer, thank him. Just in time, he always comes through. Token ever aware, was pressing lightly down the hall. In the excitement, I don’t think a one of us remembered to be sneaky as it were. Tokens vision allowed him to see down the stairs he was on, and what looks to be a serious foe. He also seen 15 pits with wooden covers over them. So we start to plan but I think the first thing to leave a man is patience sometimes, in the moment. What I shoulda done is let our assassin try and put some damage on him from a distance, but my protective instincts often get the better of me. My honor doesn’t let me let back too often while others do the heavy lifting… But it is what it is, were in for another scrap, with the undead it looks this time. Well see how they like headshots, and caved skulls. Whether it be 5 or 15, dunt matter. First up is first to fall. My battle vigor is rising thinking about it.

Thoradin Bloodfire


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