Burnt Offerings

Session 3

_Well since Eric did such a nice job on the recap I’m just going to use it in the adventure log for this past session. This has also lead me to another idea, from now on each player will take turns writing the session recap after we finish, from the point of view of their character. I think that would keep the Adventure Log fresh and interesting.

So there we were. Leav’n the mess hall as it were, only to wander further down the hall. Nos was tellin me to wait, but i’m like ‘BAH" and go bargin though. Lo and behold, there be a goblin. All at once, the flashbacks come again, and I charge my way right up to him. Pinning him in the corner and start taking swings at his ugly mug. Thankfully more of my friends show up and we manage to make quick work. Just as we were cleaning up the rabble, Frodo’s spell backfires and he goes unconscious. Even our pokey cleric got in on the action as his being out of position turned out to be in perfect position and got a runner that our Drow managed to shout to him.

Know’n that more are likely around every corner we make our way into the adjacent room and decide to regroup. Frodo clears the far single door room to discover the stairwell. Tolken makes a cute attempt at being strong and fails to move a crate in front of the door. Just as our Cleric built like a bear walks through to move it easily in front of the stairwell door. With Nos and meself by the large twin doors we presume correctly to the Glassworks, Nos successfully uses his stealth abilities to peek through the door and close it without being noticed.

We reposition, Don and I take point. And decide to let the door and walls do the work of protecting our flanks, and have our ranged hide behind the wall of melee as it were. Once again, Don tries to smash the door, but it actually worked out perfectly. The knock drew a goblin to his doom by opening it, and the route was on. Any who came too close fell by Hammer or Morning Star. Any who tried to get close often fell to Arrows, darkness, or Magic. With most of the room cleared, a new player entered the works from the opposite side of the room. We watched while we cleared most of the goblins. The Goblins who were there, noticed but didn’t mind his being there. This was all the information i needed as no cave vermin I’ve ever seen would stare at a foe, and let him attack from the back. So i charges right up to him and give him a swipe with meh hammer. Which seems to have barely harmed him…. Nos Tolken quickly make their way to range and connect doing more damage, followed by Frodo who for some reason fell into a daze and missed his chance to attack. The being manages to hit me several times, doing enough damage for me to know that i cant simply stand there. Just then Don charges to the front, and takes me place. Frodo snaps out of it and seems twice as fast as ever. If even for a short time. I fall back only to notice one of the goblin scum has gone around and come up behind us. I fell him with one swipe of my craghammer. Back at the front Nos shrouds, Tolkens arrows, Don’s Melee, and Frodo’s Chaos bolts make short work of the being who almost took me out.

Come to find out it was Tustsu, or Tsuto, or menuto. I dont remember. Amiko Kiajutsu’s brother. He was in league with the Goblins. And more than that, we found journal entries and weird sexual fantasies of the dead priests not so dead daughter. They were working toward raising the demon Lammosh, and he hope she would come back as a Succubus who would fawn all over him. I dont think he gets how they work very well… Back to it though.. Turns out most of what we encountered and took care of fightin’ wise up till now was a diversion to keep us from where we be going now that we squared the Glassworks away. It also indicates that there are tunnels beneath us. After a short debate, we manage to convince Nos to stop talking and get down stairs. To find the tunnel right away, and Amiko tied up in the next room. After filling her in on all the events and her brothers role, she adds to it saying her brother wanted her to be safe from the razing of the town and when she resisted, the goblins took her and hid her here.

Don healed her up, she said she could make her way out and we went down the tunnels into catacombs…
Tolken is first in, gets some shots off and gets out. We use the melee wall idea again and in the process Nos puts himself out on a limb to shore up a weak spot. Ya’ know… for a moment. I think we can all agree, all seemed lost and we may lose our poorly protected friend. But then he vanished into thin air… The creatures looked just as confused as we did just as Frodo lights them up. Forgive me if i forget any actions taken by others. Heat o the moment type of thing.

Moving on through the catacombs we find one path with many skulls at the end. Decide to bypass it, and find a red statue of a human woman holding an evil book doing evil woman things. Tolken almost being a rogue by action, urinates on her as we proceed down the stairs single file only to come into an enclosure where three flaming skulls await us……


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